The Petite Chique journey really begins at our sister salon Natural Chique located right next door.

We used to joke that we needed to set up a day care centre next door. Not just for mums getting their hair done, but for our hairdressers too!! Natural Chique has a total of 19 children who have to be looked after whilst mummy works. Luckily the education system is now in charge of a few! We are more than just a hair salon at Natural Chique. We always have been and we always will be. We provide the service of ‘time out’ rather than just a hair cut, and now we provide a nanny or a huge play room should you require your little ones to be close.

Our Coffee & Tea Bar at Petite Chique has primarily been created to serve our existing gorgeous Natural Chique clients, as well as provide a more complete service for those attending Petite Chique workshops and parents who wish to stay at the weekend Day Spa Birthday Parties. Its lovely to also now provide a meeting place for groups or individuals who wish to have some recharge time, catch up with friends and have a coffee & chat.

Whilst Petite Chique is in its early days, our backbone Natural Chique is well established in Mount Evelyn. Its from your suggestions that we opened Petite Chique’s doors and we will continue to evolve to serve you the best we can.