Welcome to 2016! We are officially back open at Petite Chique. We actually never really closed, (even though we said we would). We can’t resist a gorgeous baby or toddler or preschooler that needs a hair cut or play, and I am so surprised at how many families stayed in Mount Evelyn during the holidays. This year has already seen some changes at Petite Chique you should be aware of. Child Minding is now only available Wednesday to Friday 9-2:30pm. You can find our Child Minding pricing here All children will need to have a child enrolment form completed prior to your hair appointment. If you completed one last year, that is fine, it is still valid. Please let us know if anything has changed.

On this blog, I would like to talk about your little ones hair. My girls have had the luxury of a mumma being a hairdresser. Their hair is always commented on. They have fine blonde hair, and a decent amount of it. Their hair type should tangle easily, but it doesn’t. It should go green in the pool, but it hasn’t (and we swim weekly). They should scream the house down when I am putting their hair up, but they don’t. Maybe they are blessed little souls with magical hair, or maybe there is something I am doing that can be taught. So here it is. My guide to great kids hair.

1. Use decent products. Baby shampoo’s are often a marketing gimmick. Many baby shampoos contain chemicals that would make your blood boil. For example, Johnson and Johnson (which they give out in the hospital) contain a cocktail of synthetics, fragrance (because the baby needs it to smell nice?) and preservatives. It also contains a numbing agent to numb your childs eyes (no more tears). Remember that this product is being marketed on newborn babies! In my opinion, NOTHING at the supermarket is suitable for your child, of any age, including yourself. You would naturally go to the health food store for advice and to collect something ‘Natural’. While this is a much better option, please note that many health food stores carry shampoos and conditioners that once opened need to be refrigerated. So what do we use? We have our own brand! We can proudly say that our entire range is free from sulfates, parabens, ethoxylates, paragons, propylene glycol, petrochemical cleansers, silicones, phthalates, DEA and artificial colours. Our products are not tested on animals. They are highly concentrated, and really lovely. We have a normal hair Shampoo & Conditioner and a Head Lice Prevention formula.
2. How often do I wash. 1-2 times per week only. If your child swims, then you should wash the evening after you have swam. If they are of a school age, then I recommend washing on a Friday evening or Saturday Morning. Head Lice prefer clean hair. If your child swims through the week, then I would still wash that evening. Chlorine strips your hair of natural oils, which can cause splitting and cracked cuticles on the hair shaft. A good tip to prevent this, is to wet the hair before swimming, and/or use an oil on the hair prior to jumping in. Please remember to condition your childs hair every time you wash.
3. Use a Tangle Teezer. Our Tangle Teezer’s are freaking amazing. No more knots, no more tangles. They really work and your child will no longer feel any pain associated with brushing their hair. How often should you brush their hair? Everyday! Sometimes twice a day. Try and encourage them to do it themselves.
4. Regular trims. I know that your little princess wants to look like Rapunzel, but she has a life time to have long hair, and in my opinion there is no point in having long hair unless it is gorgeous, with no split ends and easy for you and your child to manage. As a guide, every school holidays have a hair cut. For boys it maybe more often. If your son does not like having his hair cut (and boys generally don’t), then coming to Petite Chique for regular play visits will help him feel comfortable with us. It’s all about establishing trust.

So there you have it! Use good quality Shampoo & Conditioner, wash after swimming, use a Tangle Teezer and have regular trims. No excuses now!

2016 will see the return of our popular Braid teaching classes, and we are looking at a specially run afternoon for dads. We will also be offering a presale of our 1L bottles of shampoo & conditioner in both Normal and Head Lice prevention. We will have this information shortly.

We hope you have found this helpful, and if you need any further information, then please just ask

Have an awesome day